Basketball never sleeps

If you're a basketball fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming weeks...


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Real Estate Expertise

Work with a Realtor that knows the luxury market and that can find you the home of your dreams...


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Drive before your Buy

Buying an exotic car is tricky, work with our team to drive a few cars before you buy...


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The Star Advisor Group was created to deliver the many needs of Star Athletes and Entertainers.

Why work with another agency that stops at management, contract negotiation and legal services?


Our Mission:

"To go beyond the traditional agency mentality and take a holistic approach with our clients…. understand the individual, their family and all the unique needs they have to be successful personally and professionally"


Star Advisor was founded by a team of diverse professionals with a combined knowledge of over 100 years in management, marketing & promotion, financial services, legal, technology, endorsements, licensing, security, real estate, automobiles & transportation, travel, speaking, training, health & wellness.


About Us

Luxury Travel

Consult with a Travel Professional that understands your desires and needs..

Win your fantasy league

Our resident fantasy league expert shows you the quickest way to bragging rights...

Spring training

Think you know what goes on when League spring training games are in the books...


Providing the World's Best Professional & Lifestyle Service and Advice for Athletes & Entertainers